Tony Glassman

Tony Glassman

“I usually know how to get things moving in the right direction…”

— Tony Glassman

Tony was a professional baseball player in his early athletic career, a national class runner three decades later, and is a frustrated golfer today!

As the founder of Tony Glassman Productions in 1976, he has lifetime experience as a writer/director/producer on film and video projects, as well as directing and producing the world professional racquets Championships for the Canadian Television Network. The company name was changed to G-FORCE Collaborations in 1989 as the capabilities and expertise evolved to a collaborative group of diverse talent. Tony serves as Vice President and Creative Director, working with a wide variety of companies as a marketing consultant, copywriter/director and all around idea guy.  He creates advertising campaigns across all the varied dimensions from print to broadcast, tradeshow to public relations, web and social media platforms. Tony’s broad expertise and natural intuition on how best to reach a target audience position him as a distinct asset and advisor to our clients.

The G-FORCE client list includes: Continental School of Beauty, DeCarolis Truck Rental, S&L Logistics, Canandaigua National Bank, Chamberlain D’Amanda, EFP / Rotenburg, Upstate Farms, Abbott’s, Perkins, TDK Tape, Eastman Kodak Company, Xerox Corporation, Woodcliff Hotel & Resort, Unimar, Benefit Resources, Empire Forester, Converse, Harbec Plastics and more.