Develop a Conscious Business

A conscious business moves beyond the bottom line to embrace every business stakeholder - employees, clients, shareholders, and vendors. It's a balanced approach to business with a higher purpose in view. When done well, it is immensely satisfying, immensely profitable, and enriching to society at large. 

G-FORCE teaches the three primary tenets of a conscious business culture:

Conscious Capitalism - a method of doing business that seeks to ensure that no stakeholder is ever favored at the expense of another stakeholder, and in which every decision reinforces a higher purpose.

Practical Leadership - Practical leadership involves many things, but above all, it means leading on principle. It's about clarity of purpose, adherence to a higher purpose, and the careful balance of stakeholder interests.

Change Management - Proactive change means embracing change as intrinsic to good business, rather than as a consequence of doing business. It means developing processes and methods that encourage innovation and anticipation. It's about vision, empowerment, and culture.