Dave Giambattista, Xerox Corporation

The EIW seminar is unlike any other you’ve likely attended.  Why?  Because it works and lasts!  How? By providing insights and actions you can take to become more successful: first with yourself and then with others by enhancing your influence and leadership.

It’s not pop psychology or crazy flash in the pan activities; rather it’s about seeing ourselves as who we are and identifying who we want to become.  Then it guides us to move towards our own best. It’s great for any stage of a career, anyone who interacts with others including those wanting toimprove personal facets of their lives.

I am still actively using the tools, techniques and actively working changes in programs by changing my reactions and thoughts and only wish is I had this a decade or more ago!

Michael Yergeau, University of Rochester

"I’ve been in the business 35 years and I participated in a variety of leadership courses over that time span.  I must say this course has been the most effective in terms of short term results and the likelihood of sustainability.  I believe it a combination of course content, instructors, and timing as it relates to organizational changes over the last year or so.

Bob Freese, The Opportunity Group

“I must admit that I approached the Emotional Intelligence at Work program with a healthy dose of skepticism.  To put it bluntly, I was very surprised - and in a positive way.  All I can say is, if you care about reaching your maximum potential while you are on this earth, try this out. So if you are happy being mildly content and don't want to find out how to make your world 100 times better without changing anything but understanding yourself better,  stay home. You will find just how very alone you are not. And when that light inside you that you thought was gone comes back on, nothing--and I mean nothing--ever stands in your way again.

H. Pike Oliver, Cornell University

“The EIW program has worked magic. It has allowed me to 'ski the bumps' through some of the organizational craziness inherent in an institution like Cornell.

Pamela Gratzer, Mindware Connections, Inc.

“Emotional Intelligence at Work is truly an exceptional experience that provides a positive impact on all participants. EIW's key distinction is its highly organized and focused curriculum which ensures you can and will incorporate the valuable tools and concepts into your daily lives...it is highly impactful from both a personal and business perspective. The quality of the presentations, exercises, coaching and tools were so impressive throughout the program, then to ensure implementation of learnings there is reinforcement from the individual structured coaching sessions and workbook.”

Kathleen Pringle, Kathleen Pringle Group, Inc.

“The Emotional Intelligence at Work program exceeded my expectations with comprehensive and actionable content, relevant tools and personal transformation. The small and large group discussions were extremely enlightening and the evening discovery assignments were thought-provoking. EIW uniquely couples personal growth with leadership development. The program’s endless relevant resources and insights have been invaluable to my continued success as an adviser to senior executives and professionals.

Paul R. Camp, Global Engineering & Construction Company

“I greatly value EIW's meaningful contribution to my success in achieving $1 billion in sales since 2003 and being named as Vice President within my Fortune 200 company. The Emotional Intelligence at Work program is a world-class, life-changing learning experience. In my 20+ years, I have never participated in such a valuable professional development program.