Rob Schwarting

Rob Schwarting

“My passion is facilitating change....helping create strategic direction, changing corporate culture and equipping the leaders with the skills to develop, communicate and live a vibrant organizational culture.”

- Rob Schwarting

Mindful of the dictum made popular by Bennis: “Management does things right and leaders do the right thing,” Rob constantly seeks to define the “right thing,” and embraces the concepts of Servant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in his study of effective leadership.  In 2006, he invited a team of behavior modification facilitators to Cornell and started presenting a short course in Public Sector Leadership: Principle Driven Leadership.  Since then, he has participated in the evolution of that course into Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™.  

After achieving the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army, Rob turned is his public service career to government, college-level education and finance. Rob has gained a reputation as a passionate transformational leader.  Working with others, he helped create a major public waste management authority, transformed the culture of a large local government and several residential community associations, created two different economic development agencies and guided several public and private organizations through critical change processes.  He recently left Cornell University where he was teaching planning and public administration and just completed his term as an elected legislator in Yates County. 

Today, Rob serves on the boards of several non-profit and civic organizations, consults with the boards of residential community associations in the eastern United States, leads a legislative action body in New York State, and continues to design and build unique homes. 

As a co-founder of Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ (EIW), Rob serves as a content contributor and editor, an EIW team leader/coach, short program facilitator and is currently researching and outlining future Conscious Communication and Advanced Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ programs.