What is Conscious Capitalism?

Social Entrepreneurship. Tripple Bottom Line. B-Corps. Impact Investing. Sustainability. No matter what you want to call it, let's evolve the future of business.

Conscious Capitalism is based on four tenets:

  1. A Purpose beyond making profits
  2. Conscious Leadership that are servant leaders and embody the purpose of the organization
  3. Conscious Culture that values and engages employees
  4. A Stakeholder Orientation that balances the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, communities, the environment, and stockholders (rather than prioritizing stockholders).

Join us May 2nd to Evolve Conscious Business in Rochester! Panels and workshops on How Conscious Businesses "Measure What Matters":

  • B-corps
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Top Workplaces
  • ETHIE Awards
  • Best places to work

Learn from the Conscious Leaders in Rochester! Hear about local Social Entrepreneurs and Initiatives:

  • Kiva
  • RYCE
  • Junior achievement
  • Venture Jobs Foundation
  • Coffee Connection
  • Market-driven Community Cooperatives
  • Causeware
  • RocGrowth Candids

The Keynote will be given by Doug Rauch, form President of Trader Joe's.

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