You have successfully registered for Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™ on March 21-24, 2017.

Please complete the following prerequisite Discovery Assignments three (3) business days (Thursday, March 16) prior to the start of your program. These short assignments are estimated to take 30-45 minutes in total to complete:

  1. Emotional Intelligence/EQ Benchmark
    Please complete the brief online EI assessment (approx. 20 mins). Be certain to secure an uninterrupted time to complete this action.

    Response Link: 177250YSL

    NOTE: Your EI/EQ report will be confidentially delivered to you (hardcopy) on DAY 2 of the program. This report is needed for you to complete a short Discovery Assignment that evening.
  2. Reflective Leadership Essay
    Please read the Reflective Leadership Essay. This is also available on our Downloads page.
  3. Emotional Intelligence Introduction and Importance
    Please read the Emotional Intelligence white paper. This is available on our Downloads page.
  4. Final Discovery Assignment
    Please complete the EIW Final Prerequisite Discovery Form  AFTER completing assignments 1-3.

If you have any questions prior to arrival, please contact us at or contact your organization’s EIW representative.

We look forward to working with you.

- The EIW Staff