Beth Freeman

Beth Freeman

“If you can dream, you can do. If you believe, you accomplish. If you clarify the goal, you increase your success. When you lose yourself in the effort, people follow you across the goal line. Let’s do this right together!”                                                                                  — Beth Freeman

A native of Spartanburg and a long term resident of the Upstate, Beth’s professional leadership experience crosses industries and includes many different types of projects. From information systems analysis, human resource management, communications, training, and from large corporations to small specialty businesses both profit and non-profit management, Beth’s leadership approach always considers the organization’s culture and ultimate goals. Actively practicing the principals of industrial organizational psychology, Beth seeks to bring out the best in others and to build the strongest businesses possible. Currently an instructor with the University of South Carolina Upstate, Beth teaches Industrial Organizational Psychology, Applied Psychology, Advanced Organization Behavior, Service Learning, Psychological Statistics, Inferential Statistics, and, when needed, other courses. Beth believes in preparing individuals for career success through both academic preparation and applied experiential learning. She prepares traditional and non-traditional adult learners.  Her current research interests include entrepreneurial leadership development and the effects of non-verbal language within the workplace.  

Beth is the owner of and consults with organizations through Talent, Organization, & Leadership Development, LLC (TOLD, LLC) a company she co-founded in 2015 with a colleague (who is now working on a doctorate in Industrial Organizational Psychology). Offering leadership and managerial development for corporate and entrepreneurial organizations - Beth works with individuals at all stages of career development and assists organizations with vision and mission clarification. Through the use of leadership and personality assessment devices and with experience facilitating positive change across industries, she believes in continuous goal focused improvement. Beth strives to build adaptive leaders and managers who proactively respond to competitive organizational pressures and nimbly adapt to change. She is certified in the full suite of Hogan Assessment Systems.  

Beth’s credentials include a Master’s degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from Bowling Green State University and a BA in Psychology from Clemson University. Most recently, Beth served the Upstate SC Association for Talent Development as President for several years. She maintains memberships in the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology, the American Psychological Association, the Southeastern Psychological Society, the South Carolina Psychological Society, and the Society for Talent Development. 

Beth and her husband, Ben, celebrated their 39th anniversary this year. They are the proud parents of two wonderful daughters and in the last 3 years welcomed two awesome son-in-law’s into their family. They believe in giving back to the community, helping where they can, and celebrating the wonders of life!