Beth Dewey

Beth Dewey

My life motto: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

…I inspire others to cultivate positivity in their life.                                                             . — Beth Dewey

Beth is best known as a person who creates positivity with joy.  As a certified Life Coach, Beth assists her clients in achieving their personal and professional goals. Beth's mission at BconsciousU is to help others develop an awareness of limiting beliefs and actions that prevent them from having the life they desire. 

In 2008, Beth played a pivotal role in the evolution of a highly successful personal development seminar.  For the past seven years, Beth has produced and delivered these seminars in Boston, MA, Rochester, NY, the California Bay Area, and Hermosillo, Mexico. 

In addition to her life coaching certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Beth holds a B.S. in Computer Science.  Prior to staring BconsciousU, Beth’s career included positions as a Quality Assurance Test Engineer and Certified Financial Planning.

Beth has also held positions on numerous community, school and non-profit boards; acting as a catalyst for program and corporate development. Recognized as a conduit for change, Beth is well known and revered for her inspirational leadership, helping people from diverse backgrounds to move forward into a life of Positivity, Purpose and Passion.

Beth joined the EIW team in 2014 bringing exceptional breadth and experience to both our program delivery and coaching teams.