Barb Glassman

Barb Glassman

“If you want feeble shortcuts and unsustainable promises, I’m not the person you need. But if you’re looking for someone who cares as much as you do about your business and how you’re developing it, we should talk.”

— Barb Glassman

After having navigated the corporate world, Barb applied her experience and tenacity in establishing several small businesses in Rochester, NY. Her primary focus has been on developing strategic direction and problem solving to attain top line growth. 

Clients have universally valued Barb’s sincere and determined approach and her passion for getting things done correctly – the first time.  While attention to detail is high on her list, creative thinking and creating a genuine collaborative spirit encourages all parties to enjoy the process along the way.

Barb began her career as the first female graduate of the Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum at the State University of New York at Alfred. With her technical expertise and process skills in tow, Barb was set on a fast track as her Eastman Kodak career evolved into the development of adult education, sales and marketing. Concurrently, Barb worked behind the scenes at G-FORCE Collaborations, a boutique marketing firm.

In 2004, Barb was a Co-Founder and VP of Complemar Partners, an e-commerce and fulfillment company. In this role, Barb was instrumental in the purchase of assets from CPI Business Groups, a bankrupt company, to form this new entity. Complemar became profitable in less than a year.

As part of Barb’s ‘pay-it-forward’ commitment, she mentors professionals in transition and has a special affinity for young people struggling to navigate early adulthood.  Barb also serves on multiple business and non-profit boards.

Barb has most recently been focused on her passion of developing effective professionals and teams. Ask her about G-FORCE’s latest offerings: Creating a Conscious Organization, Leading Transformation, Practical Leadership and Emotional Intelligence AT WORK™.